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Techson IP Advisory Services

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At Techson IP, business transformation and IP research are our passions. We are relentless innovators and strategy implementers at heart. Over the decades, we have learned the importance of discipline, focus and repeatable results. With an estimated 80% of enterprise value emanating from intangible assets and the majority of stakeholders dissatisfied with the ROI from R&D and IP, our mission is to help clients better align IP and business strategy to reap vastly improved returns through focused execution.

Our seasoned team of IP attorneys, consultants, technical researchers, former business leaders and transaction advisory pros provide practical and comprehensive IP support for every stage of the innovation supply chain outlined in Table 1 above.

We partner with outside IP counsel when privilege and external expertise are beneficial. We also leverage the power of our Limestone patent research platform to accelerate project time to market and efficiently uncover insights missed by traditional patent research tools.

How Techson IP Consulting Can Help

IP Portfolio Rationalization

·       Innovation Supply Chain Health check & IP Portfolio Audit

·       IP and Business Strategy/Operating Model Alignment

·       Competitive IP Landscape and Targeted Competitor Assessment

·       Portfolio Evaluation & Optimization

·       Business Case and Portfolio KPI Development

IP Performance Improvement

·       Business Intelligence Reporting

·       Innovation Brainstorming Sessions

·       Innovation Supply Chain Process Improvement/Kaizen Events

·       IP Technology System Requirements and Selection

·       Start-up Business Review and IP Consultation

IP Transaction Advisory

·       IP Valuation

·       M&A IP Due Diligence

·       IP Brokerage

·       IP & Tech Disposals and Acquisitions

·       Licensing Support and ManagemenT