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IP Strategy

Techson names industry veteran Dan Spaeth as Senior Managing Partner to lead its worldwide practice group

IP Advisory - Strategy, Consulting and Execution

A widely overlooked aspect in intellectual property and patent management is the lack of cohesiveness within the “supply chain”. In light of the privilege requirements of corporations, Techson, through its IP Consulting services, helps attorneys assemble this dispersion of services, tools, and providers for their clients to deliver comprehensive insights, actionable advice and robust economic options across the Innovation Supply Chain. Techson will also assist non-legal consulting services outside the legal field where actionable information and services are invaluable for market influence.


IP Due diligence

Are you done with wildly expensive “IP Consultants” who promise to review and summarize your entire patent portfolio - only to return a grandiose study of the unfound millions of latent value? Then what?

How about a truly comprehensive review with dozens of actionable short, medium and long term recommendations to maximize your portfolio’s potential. Also, Techson doesn’t just deliver this insight, we have the team experience and capacity to come alongside your IP team and outside counsel and execute on the analysis and action plans we delivered.

Further, Techson is willing to tie its engagements and outcomes to real results. If our IP Due Diligence action plans don’t lead to demonstrable costs savings, increased innovation or increased commercialization, then the study is on us. It’s that simple.


quality of ip Analysis (QoIP)

Quality of Intellectual Property (QoIP) analysis is as important as Quality of Earnings (QoE) analysis. Private equity, growth equity, and hedge-fund investors all perform rigorous QoE analysis. QoE is the cornerstone of any due diligence, and it would be investor “malpractice” not to perform in advance of any significant investment.

QoIP, on the other hand, helps investors reduce post-transaction risk related to intellectual property, aides in purchase price negotiations, and identifies value creation upside. QoIP reports will provide investors with new-found leverage on either side of the transaction.


Litigation support / claim charts / damages models

When the storm comes, and it will come, we’ll ensure flawless preparation whether plaintiff or defendant. Techson adheres to keeping all of your litigation services under one roof. The team has vast experience executing patent-to-product claim charting, invalidity research, and damages model development for counsel.

Stop wasting time shopping for dozens of experts to fill all of your litigation needs. Partner with Techson and receive a comprehensive litigation support partner and if you need more experts, we’ll utilize our network to find them.