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Research Requires Humans


Limestone is Here

After four years of detailed industry research and the daily pain of using patent analytics tools that just didn’t work, Limestone, our SaaS enabled patent and technical research platform is now available - to enhance patent and technical research outcomes. We’re so proud of Limestone we gave it a website of its own.


We tested Limestone against 7.5 years of District Court and PTAB Invalidity Determinations for Anticipation/Obviousness. Limestone uncovered the cited invalidating prior art references in 91% of the determinations using only the patent-in-suit as the input query. Results took 1-4 minutes per case to generate using our Instant Validity Report (IVR) engines.


What to expect from Limestone

Limestone eliminates many of the toughest aspects of patent research and can be used for freedom-to-operate, invalidity, patentability, evidence of use, and landscape research. It is the first of its kind to be automatically tuned for specific search objectives and was designed with a clear recognition that patent research cannot be completed without human involvement.

Hours to Minutes - eliminate hours of initial research project effort

Transactional Research Capability - available only when you need it and at transactional prices

Higher Quality Results Corpus - more on point art; fewer false positives

Limestone Enabled Services - fixed fee, fast turnaround

Instant Validity Reports (IVR) - think “Carfax for patents”; request a sample here

Limestone + Your Business - partner in our API program