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Patent Research & IP Advisory

Clearance / fto search

  • Goal: To uncover all of the claim information we can gather so that you can form an opinion of the patent infringement risk with a product.

  • Please Provide: A description of a “proposed product” that identifies 1 or more contemplated features and a target jurisdiction of proposed launch.

  • Our Deliverable: A detailed list of patents and claims in the target jurisdiction that we believe are most relevant to your risk evaluation.

  • Data Researched: Patented or published patent claims in target jurisdiction/s

Claim Charts / EOU

  • Goal: To get your patent commercialization campaign ready for approach to likely licensees of your patent portfolio.

  • Please Provide: The patent families and the jurisdictions you would like to focus your licensing efforts; provide any limitations or areas of emphasis for researching prospective licensees.

  • Our Deliverable: A detailed, claim-by-claim to product mapping by jurisdiction in either Word or PPT format where we surface likely infringement.

  • Data Researched: Prospective licensees' publicly available product literature.

invalidity / prior art

  • Goal: To identify as much prior art as possible to leverage your position in defense of a potential or existing patent-infringement suit.

  • Please Provide: A patent number with target claims, a priority date, and a description of what you are looking for and what prior art you already have.

  • Our Deliverable: A detailed list of the most relevant prior art references to the claims in question.

  • Data Researched: Everything (Worldwide Patent Literature and Non-Patent Literature)

Landscape search

  • Goal: To research and assimilate the patents and patent publications in a specific technology area in specific a jurisdiction/s.

  • Please Provide: A brief description of the technology area to be researched, the jurisdictions, and specifics about what features are of interest within the technology area

  • Our Deliverable: A detailed list of the patents and patent publications that match the features of interest within the identified technology area and target jurisdiction/s

  • Data Researched: Patent Literature

patentability search

  • Goal: Our team will research the novelty, uniqueness, and non-obviousness of a subject invention disclosure.

  • Please Provide: A disclosure that describes the invention and identifies one or more specific features to be researched.  A priority date may be provided, if applicable.

  • Our Deliverable: A detailed list of the most relevant prior art references that we believe may be material to patentability.

  • Data Researched: Everything (Worldwide Patent Literature and Non-Patent Literature)

M&A IP Due diligence

  • Goal: We provide custom-tailored research and analysis about a target company, its products, or its competitors, for example, during pre-acquisition due diligence.

  • Please Provide: Any details on the target, its products, its competitors.  Known patent assets are often a great start. 

  • Our Deliverable: Customized to the exact requirements of your project. We provide results in various formats depending upon objectives.  Samples available upon request.

  • Data Researched: Patent Literature and/or Non-Patent Literature