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Relentless. Research.

IP Strategy, Consulting & Research


Vast IP Expertise

We combine our experienced management consultants with our IP experts and legal experts - and then empower them with our proprietary Limestone platform.


Speak to Goals

Every project starts with listening intently to exactly what are your unique requirements; we provide honest insights on the best path to achieve your goals.


Results in Action

Not only do we uncover the most unique and lucrative opportunities for your portfolio & company’s strategy, we have the team to execute on that advice.

Limestone Automated Research - Unique Discoveries

Complicated keyword queries, poorly classified patents, and the feature overload of modern research platforms are failing patent researchers and our IP consultants.

Limestone builds a highly concentrated & search-type-specific results corpus that puts the researcher “on the art” in record time and gives our IP consultants an insightful look at your patents.

Limestone automates the most difficult & time consuming aspects of research - enabling high quality conclusions, satisfied researchers, and well-informed client outcomes.