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Elite patent search results are achieved by solutions that better serve both the professional researcher and the end customer.



Discuss your project with our team leader, they will then work with you throughout the search project at every major milestone until your final results are as you wish.



A minimum of two (and typically 3+) team members work together to conduct each search. This exponentially increases the quality and depth of our results.


Live Results

Our results are provided to you in real-time. Our collaboration with you ensures dynamically tailored search results the first time through, eliminating rework.

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In-House Tech

Third-party patent tools don't work, so we built our own - a Hybrid Human and AI Platform. We use it internally today and will make it available in Q4 2018.

Patent Research and IP Advisory Services

Clearance / FTO Search

Claim Charts / EOU

Invalidity / prior art

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