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We Believe Effective Patent Research is a Team Sport


At Techson, Every Search is a Collaborative Effort

Did you know that the vast majority of professional patent researchers work alone?  No one researcher can crack the toughest cases on his/her own. At Techson, we utilize a unique approach that we call "Lead-Based Searching". In short, we have a team of motivated research sleuths, proprietary analytics, and a code of collaborative conduct that are proven to generate and exploit leads in the art. Using game theory techniques, thought-sharing, and monetary incentives, we are driven to succeed where others are likely to fail. Our goal isn't to kick a field goal and go home. Our goal is to find a weakness in our opponent (published patent and non-patent literature) and to exploit that weakness to run up the score. If you want to find one prior art bullet or one clearance concern, we aren't the search team for you.  However, if you want to stockpile an arsenal of prior art, to map FTO landmines, competitive landscapes or white space, or even to understand the evolution of a technology through patents, CONTACT US!


Defying the Status Quo in Patent Research



STATUS QUO: Hail Mary Approach - Throw your search request over the wall to the search firm, cross your fingers, and hope for the best.  When search is finished, they throw the results back over the wall to you and wish you luck.

TECHSON: Discuss your search request and specific requirements with our team leader. Our team conducts the search working in parallel with you and each other.  At the end, we explain the results and how we arrived at them.



STATUS QUO: Little or no communication between you and search team before, during, or after the search.

TECHSON: Our team members communicate with you and with each other to develop, share, and investigate leads as the project progresses.


STATUS QUO: Single searcher conducts the search blindly and does not collaborate with other search team members.

TECHSON: Two or more team members work with each other to conduct each search exponentially increasing chances of finding the best results.


Live Results

STATUS QUO: No results provided to you during the search, and no opportunity for you to review and steer the direction of the search as it progresses.

TECHSON: Relevant results are provided to you in real-time as search progresses to solicit feedback for dynamically tailoring the search on the fly.


Bonus Incentives

STATUS QUO: No searcher incentives to promote quality of results or quantity of responsive results. Searchers, if lucky, tend to find one relevant reference and simply move on to another project.

TECHSON: In addition to our industry leading searcher compensation, additional bonuses are awarded to search team for exceptional results and for hunting down additional results once they find some good leads.


Time Matters

STATUS QUO: Stacked dockets for each searcher encourage searcher to spend as little time as possible on your project.

TECHSON: Thorough investigations take time - Search teams are paid for and given ample time to conduct exhaustive searches.


Isolation Sucks

STATUS QUO: Isolated searcher approach and high-volume model leads to searcher dissatisfaction, burnout, and high attrition rates.

TECHSON: Team-based challenges exponentially increase chances of finding superior results while increasing job satisfaction of our searchers.  Our searchers are happy!



STATUS QUO: Hit and miss quality and increased likelihood of inexperienced searchers working on your projects.

TECHSON: Highest quality results and best and most experienced team of motivated searchers on every project.



Clearance / FTO Search

We uncover all of the claim information we can gather so that you can form an opinion of the patent infringement risk involved with making a product and selling the same in a specific country.

collection search

We collect and present patent literature by any number of combinations of bibliographic data, including, for example, ownership, technology, classifications, jurisdictions, and/or legal status.

Invalidity / prior art search

We identify as much prior art as possible to leverage your position in defense of a potential or existing patent-infringement suit.

landscape search

We research and assimilate the patents and patent publications in a specific technology area in a specific jurisdiction/s.

Patentability search

To research the novelty and non-obviousness of a subject invention disclosure, typically before an application filing or before substantive prosecution, to assist you in making a filing decision and/or determining a course of action for drafting the specification and/or the claims of the application.

ip due diligence

We provide custom-tailored research and analysis about a target company, its products, or its competitors, for example, during pre-acquisition due diligence.