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Coolest Invention - This One's Meaty

by: David Nickelson, Director of Research

For those in the field of patents, an inevitable question when meeting new people is to be asked about the coolest invention we've ever run across. While they picture Shark Tank, the popular television program, the day-to-day world of Patent Law and Patent Research is typically filled with changes and improvements to products and processes that reside behind the scenes rather than cool and interesting products that end up on store shelves.

Several years ago I remember reading a flurry of news articles discussing companies and their interest in creating lab grown meat. From a quick look I found several patents and published applications directed to the technology. A recent Washington Post article served to jog my brain as it appears to be maturing into a commercial product.

I look forward to the day I can try a lab grown burger, if for no other reason than to see the end result of something that once made me think “That's really cool.”

What about you? Would you try lab grown meat? Why or why not?

Have you seen other interesting or weird patents? Let us know in the comments.