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Techson September Newsletter - Limestone, Blog Burgers and HIPLA

Houston IP Law Association Annual Fall Institute (HIPLA) 

The countdown is on for HIPLA's 34th Annual Fall Institute on Galveston Island, Sept. 27-29th. We have secured more than a dozen table raffle giveaways exclusively from Texas-born and built companies (like Techson): Buc-ees, YETI Cooler, Greenway Coffee, Snap Kitchen, Rambler Water, Yellow Rose Distillery, Yellowbird Hot Sauces, and more, y’all.
We enjoy sponsoring and engaging with the industry up close - we learn so much each time. Reach out with your upcoming IP association event(s) so we can plan (and budget) to attend.
Limestone is Coming Soon
Imagine being able to quickly ascertain the contents of a complex technical document, disclosure, or patent…before even reading it. Moreover, how would you like to perform complex and highly accurate patent research in seconds, in advance of fully understanding the technology you are researching?
These are just two of the breakthrough achievements we have pioneered with our soon-to-be-released Limestone research platform. “This is not your grandfather’s patent analytics tool”. Limestone has been built by practicing patent professionals for patent professionals and novices alike. There is no training required and no need for error-prone and inefficient Boolean search strings. Limestone puts researchers right on the relevant art effortlessly.
Limestone was built and vetted using thousands of completed and concurrent patent research projects. Would you like to try Limestone?  If you would like to be an early private beta customer, we invite you to contact us at
Techson CLEs – New Titles
We continue our march to create a broad and encompassing CLE library for the benefit and convenience of our clients and industry partners. We will gladly come to your firm or to your next industry event to provide live CLE courses.
“Managing Patent Research: How to Guide Patent Researchers and Improve Client Outcomes”
Texas Course No. 174027216
In Development for Certification
 “Patent Commercialization: Portfolio and Client Preparation, Planning, Execution and Management of Commercialization Campaigns”
“Skilled Searching Standards in IPR Estoppel Cases”
“Freedom-To-Operate Search Scope Narrowing: White Space Analysis Strategies in Crowded, Mature, or Low Technology Sectors”
Check Out This and Other Stories on Our Blog - 30 Sliders, 5 Fries, and 4 Large Cherry Cokes
By: David Nickelson, Director of Research
Innovation in the food space appears to be the flavor of the month. Burgers are in the news again although not those of the lab-grown variety that I highlighted last week. This time it's plant-based burgers coming to Whitecastle which will be rolling out their soy-based Impossible Slider nationwide.
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