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Innovation Spotlight: Industry Innovator Aims to Shake Up The Adult Beverage Market

by: Dan Spaeth, Senior Managing Partner, IP Advisory

Transformation and industry disruption can seemingly strike like lightening out of a clear blue sky. Sometimes for discretionary products we may not think are candidates for innovation.


Case in point, I saw an interesting demonstration this morning on local TV by Persedo, creator of a process that produces an “ultra-premium spirit at a much lower cost than traditional distillation and aging techniques.”

The TV hosts tested a few Persedo treated and non-treated common liquors and seemed to overwhelmingly prefer the treated versions.

Cost effectively removing contaminants and impurities from lower cost brands and enhancing their taste could be big game changing technology in a U.S. alcohol market estimated at $250 billion with 240 million legal aged drinkers, many of whom have unique and discriminating tastes.

Persedo markets a patented (maybe “patented pending” at this point) “Polishing Technology” and offers equipment leasing and processing services to customers. It will be interesting to see how this technology impacts the overall market.

If you’re in the industry, do you have the analysis and plans you need to respond?

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