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News: These 5 new Austin startups are changing food, real estate and the legal industry

by: Built In Austin February 18, 2019

Austin ranks as one of the leading cities in the country for startups on the rise. In the 2017 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity, our city earned runner-up behind Miami as a hotbed for new businesses. While the 2018 report hasn’t published yet, expect to see Austin amongst the leading metro areas yet again. With more than 5,500 startups that call the 512 home, that number is only getting bigger. In fact, here’s five more that recently joined the scene.

Techson IP

Founded in 2015, Techson IP provides search and IP advisory solutions to help attorneys and patent researchers. The company recently launched its new pay-per-use product called Limestone IP, a foundational search tool that decreases the time it takes for a user to locate and validate patents and technical literature from hours to minutes. Its platform also has APIs available, unlike traditional patent research tools.

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