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Limestone Prior Art Report Previews - Free for Limited Time

by: Tom Hochstatter

Will your current research provider offer you free Prior Art reports? Techson is happy to help you get a jump start on your prior art search project. There is no more guessing how much time or effort it will take to conduct your research. The Limestone Prior Art Report (LPAR) gives you actionable insights into the patent - not the disappointing “eye candy” graphics you’ve had to settled with your patent analytics products.

Get a Limestone Prior Art Report (LPAR) preview today for any U.S. patent. Each report preview is a $99.00 value - but free while supplies last (not really, they're digital...order as many as you like...but don't get crazy). Click Here to get going.


Get More Results or Services - Only When You Are Ready

Only buy results or our expert research services when you need them. Our LPAR results have been independently tested on 450 US District Court & PTAB invalidity determinations: Limestone uncovered the court-cited invalidating art in 91% of those determinations in a single pass ( . Limestone was developed by researchers and technologists who have conducted over 10,000 professional patent searches, and we have internally tested Limestone on over a thousand live research projects. P.S. We are also developing Limestone Patentability Reports (LPATs) and Limestone Freedom-To-Operate Reports (LFTOs) for release later this summer. Let us know if those are of interest in your practice. Get Your LPAR Now (

Happy to Answer Your Questions

We know this is a new model for consuming patent research and may require some explanation. So if you have any questions, just email us your questions or thoughts; we'll answer you quickly, and get you on your way. (We promise no pushy sales call follow-ups...we hate them, too!)

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