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Techson IP was founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas by attorneys, financial and research experts with a motivation to provide a wanting IP marketplace with elite services and IP Advisory solutions – not only with reports and results, but with a team capable of executing on the findings it surfaces. Our best clients had had enough with “race to the bottom” offshore offerings.

Techson proudly serves over 150 clients, including Fortune 500 corporations and AmLaw 100 law firms, with high-end research and IP advisory services including: freedom-to-operate, prior art / invalidity, patent landscaping, M&A IP due diligence, IP commercialization, valuation, claim charts and damages analysis.

Get Smart (er)

Techson IP has created an ever-growing catalog of onsite IP curriculum as part of its IP advisory practice to bring practical education and training directly to in-house IP professionals and/or in concert with their outside counsel.

These educational events are designed and available to be conducted in a series or as single or standalone lectures. All of these courses are currently, or can be, approved for state-specific CLE accreditation.

Techson’s team of instructors are its principals – each with decades of market-based, practical IP experience, thousands of patent research projects completed, multiple research and data platforms developed, and millions of dollars of successful commercialization transactions completed.

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Holistic Patent Commercialization: Why the Piecemeal Approach has Failed the Industry (and Patent Owners Especially)


Patent commercialization for most patent asset owners/assignees is typically a standalone or one-off effort among all of the various patenting activities within an enterprise. When you can tie it to all of the activities together along the Innovation Supply Chain (ISC) and bring the various organizations and services providers together, you get much better economic and strategic outcomes for all.

Selling C-Suite and Senior Management on Patent Commercialization: Socializing the Corporate Value, Risks and Costs Across Stakeholders to Ensure Successful Outcomes


There are dozens of legitimate groups within the enterprise that have “veto power” when approving or declining patent commercialization campaign efforts. Whether headline-grabbing patent litigation settlements, or “patent troll” scare tactics or simple lack of knowledge-inertia road blocks your monetization efforts, this course helps build a communication and action plan that specifically addresses each major constituency within the enterprise and moves everyone towards consensus. 

Reality-Base Patent Valuations for Commercialization Efforts: There is More to the Valuation Equation than Marketplace Benchmarks and Prospective Damages Models


When contemplating patent commercialization efforts in the enterprise, most groups start with the economic exercise of determining “how much will we make” using a linear and highly isolated model that ignores many of the (reality-based) variables that affect prospective financial outcomes. This seminar outlines a wide-ranging set of variables in addition to financial metrics that will affect the economics and overall success of patent commercialization campaigns.

Managing Patent Research: How to Guide Patent Researchers to Improve Quality and Client Outcomes


There are generally two discrete methods when conducting comprehensive patent research: 1) send the request through to counsel or your preferred patent research service provider and await their results, or 2) send the request and agree to work closely with counsel or your provider to help guide the effort and outcomes. Engaging your research provider throughout the process will ensure more comprehensive outcomes and higher quality results.

Tailoring the Scope of Freedom to Operate (FTO) Searches: In Mature and Crowded Arts


In Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) analysis, managing the scope of work of your preferred search vendor can become increasingly important as the size and maturity of a particular art increases. While a comprehensive FTO opinion strives to clear each and every feature of a client product/method, sometimes covering all features in a voluminous and decades-old art can turn FTO research into a massive undertaking. Learn how to better narrow the scope of FTO project with a thoughtful risk-benefit analysis, as well as how to hedge these risks with some specific strategies.

IPR Estoppel: Estoppel for Inter Partes Review Cases and the Skilled Searcher


IPR proceedings come with the risk of estoppel issues focusing on the legal standard of “...a skilled searcher performing a diligent search...” We take a look at issues and approaches to this standard gained from our experience as expert witnesses in such proceedings. Information will be useful to those tasked with both challenging and defending patents in court proceedings.