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Iancu is the treat; he said the troll stories were the trick

Yonn-koo! - Director Andrei Iancu pulls no punches

Our new Director of the USPTO has come out of his self-imposed “cone of silence” over the past 2-3 weeks with a number of rousing speeches, but more importantly some real action backing up his words. USPTO policy is changing – both fast and for the better, in our opinion.
On October 18th at the Eastern District of Texas Bar Association Inaugural Texas Dinner, Director Iancu let fly some of his most vociferous thoughts on the “patent troll” narrative that has infected the U.S. patent system over the past 6+ years. Don't take my word for it, let's go to the tape:
“Remarkably, in what I believe amounts to Orwellian ‘doublespeak,’ those who’ve been advancing the patent troll narrative argue that they do so because they are actually pro-innovation. That by their highlighting, relentlessly, the dangers in the patent system, they actually encourage innovation. Right!”
"Those who spend their time and money relentlessly preaching the dangers of monsters lurking under the innovation ecosystem, and who work exclusively to identify only faults in the system, are unconvincing when they argue that they are doing so for purposes of increasing innovation." 
But the Director wasn’t done. In addition to an early October announcement regarding harmonizing the claim construction chasm among the BRI standard and the Philips standard, Director Iancu, at the AIPLA keynote on October 26th, also announced that, effective immediately, there will be a new amendment process at the PTAB allowing patent owners to amend their claims once the petitioner has filed. More good news for providing a level playing field when patents get challenged.
New SOPs, new guidelines, new judge assignments, new pro-commercialization government narratives; a new day has dawned for the U.S. Patent System and for that we say “Hoorah”.

November Events and Sponsorships

We had a busy October with many regional events all over Texas, and November is shaping up to be just as busy. We are pleased to be sponsoring two upcoming events: 1) UT LAW CLE’s 23rd Annual Advanced Patent Law Institute on November 1-2 right here in Austin, TX; and 2) the Center for American and International Law’s 56th Annual Conference on IP Law on November 12-13 in Plano, TX. Tom Hochstatter and I will be attending, and our raffle giveaways will be as good as ever – with many of our favorite Texas born and built products including Yeti, TX Bourbon, Kammok, Snap Kitchen, Rambler Sparking Water, and some mystery prizes too.  Stop by, say hello, and drop your card in our Buc-cee's mug for a chance to win!

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