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Techson IP Launches Highly Anticipated Limestone SaaS Platform to Enhance Patent and Technical Research Outcomes

Limestone helps researchers do in minutes what normally takes them hours to complete, and it leads researchers to results that have helped win expensive litigations.

AUSTIN, TX, FEBRUARY 6, 2019 – Techson IP today announces the public availability of its highly anticipated Limestone SaaS patent and technical research platform. Limestone eliminates many of the toughest aspects of patent research and can be used for freedom-to-operate, invalidity, patentability, evidence of use, and landscape research. It is the first of its kind to be automatically tuned for specific search objectives and was designed with a clear recognition that patent research cannot be completed without human involvement.

“Limestone has been an effort four years in the making, since we launched Techson in 2015,” says Luke Barbin, CEO/Co-Founder. “As practicing professionals, we grew frustrated with the total disconnect between today’s patent search tools and the researchers who utilize them.”

Customers of Techson, including lawyers with high stakes patent cases and F500 clients, have experienced firsthand how powerful Limestone results can be in the hands of a professional patent researcher. In addition to increasing research efficiency, Techson has helped several law firms and clients successfully exit multi-year, expensive patent litigations. 

“Our client was facing a large adverse financial judgment on a 3 year-long foreign litigation; so, we asked Techson for a last-ditch prior art search. Through Limestone and a preliminary team review, Techson was able to surface prior art that allowed us to gain leverage in the case and successfully move to a dismissal,” says Partner at top Am Law 100 Firm.

Limestone Is Proven

To date, Limestone has been externally blind tested on hundreds of successful Techson research projects and on 440 determinations in U.S. District Court and the PTAB where invalidity has been found due to prior art. Limestone instantly uncovered invalidating referenced art in 91% of those determinations.


“Traditional tools aren’t built to embrace researchers and solve our day-to-day challenges,” added Chris Mulkey, Techson’s Co-Founder/COO. “Limestone’s test results have surpassed our wildest expectations in a very elegant and simple way that finds answers we would have likely missed with other tools, or that would have taken hours more to uncover.”

Limestone will be made available directly to researchers through the Limestone website and through a series of OEM distribution partners. Techson has launched a line of Limestone-enabled service offerings that provide fixed-fee and fixed-turnaround, preliminary patent research investigations.   

Techson is also creating an initiative using Limestone to address patent quality in conjunction with global patent offices, patent prosecutors and their clients. 

About Techson IP 
Techson IP was founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas by attorneys and patent research industry experts with a desire to upend the status quo in elite patent research and consulting services. Techson proudly serves over one hundred clients, including Fortune 500 corporations and Am Law 100 law firms using Limestone coupled with its research and advisory team for projects including IP due diligence, freedom-to-operate, prior art / invalidity, landscape, evidence of use, litigation support services, and patentability research.

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