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Techson IP launches Limestone patent search platform - IPPro Magazine

Intellectual property researchers Techson IP has launched its Limestone patent and technical research platform.

The platform is designed to aid in difficult patent research, with Techson IP highlighting through its inception that “patent research cannot be completed without human involvement”.

The platform has been externally tested on over 400 determinations in US District Courts and the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board where invalidity has been found due to prior art.

It will be made available to researchers through the Limestone website and through a series of OEM distribution partners. Techson will also be creating an initiative using Limestone to address patent quality in conjunction with global patent offices, patent prosecutors and their clients.

Commenting on the launch, Techson IP CEO and co-founder Luke Barbin said: “Limestone has been an effort four years in the making since we launched Techson in 2015.”

“As practising professionals, we grew frustrated with the total disconnect between today’s patent search tools and the researchers who utilize them.”

Techson IP co-founder and COO, Chris Mulkey, added that traditional tool search tools “aren’t built to embrace researchers and solve our day-to-day challenges”.

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