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Who Knew Joan Jett Wrote A Song About Patent Research?

by: Tom Hochstatter, co-Founder & President

And I don’t give a damn ‘bout my reputation
Never said I wanted to improve my station
And I’m only doin’ good when I’m havin’ fun
And I don’t have to please no one
- Joan Jett, 1980

I’m generally a very upbeat person regardless of most situations. I may gripe about something in the moment, but it’s usually short lived and then I’m on to solutions. I like to solve problems not wallow in them. I guess I’m a “cup half full” - type of guy. Until now.

I just got off a first-time client introduction call yesterday. They are an Am Law 100 firm (top 50 actually) with hundreds of attorneys around the world. They are eager to try Techson out.


Because of our dashing good looks or our brilliant intellects? Likely…but more importantly because they are wildly unhappy with their current patent research provider!

Here in 2019 we have been fortunate to secure a record number of new clients which we are thrilled to have and to serve. That said, too many of them have come to us due to frustration, bad quality and/or broken promises from their previous patent research providers. [the rest, primarily, because they love the new Limestone Search].

Sounds like good news, right? Not so fast. It puts us, the new provider, in a come from behind deficit starting out. A challenge we dutifully accept, but an unnecessary handicap that does a disservice to everyone.

Improve Your Station!

So here are a few thoughts to our “competitive” brethren:

Number 1 – I and my team at Techson are tired of apologizing for all you bad actors in our space. Either step-up and deliver quality and value for your services or exit. Now.

Number 2 – Stop with your ridiculous, “race-to-the-bottom” pricing schemes. Remember you get (and give) what you paid for.

Number 3 – Have some pride in your work product. Look to make reference-able customers out of every single customer you have or secure. It’s just not that hard…if you cared.

In the meantime, for the rest of you the quiet and dissatisfied majority if you want to experience truly elite patent research services please give Techson a try. On every search we assign multiple searchers – all US-based; we engage with our client throughout the process; we won’t finish a project until you are satisfied; we stand behind every project; we have a huge roster of reference-able customers you can speak with. Finally, now that I’ve written this and posted it, we can’t ever disappoint a customer. Good! High bar set…challenge accepted.

So, for the last time (literally), we apologize for the knuckleheads in our industry (and the Joan Jett earworm).

Vote with your dollars, as the saying goes. We’ll see you on the cup half full side of patent research henceforth.