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Limestone Delivering Results

Since the launch of Limestone and Limestone-Enabled Services last month, we've experienced overwhelming success rates and faster turnarounds on your search projects. Limestone provides a repeatable research "standard" that we apply to every single project. This Limestone "standard" helps our teams deliver quality results by eliminating technique, strategy, and knowledge biases.

Moreover, Limestone is a dynamic research technology that adapts to both user inputs and to user search objectives.  Start with very little information like a three-sentence technical disclosure, or start with a lot like a 100 page masters thesis.  If you have one or more patents in the area, start with those.  Select a search type, and hit go.  Limestone builds a primary corpus of results that puts the user "on the art" fast.

Limestone has been independently proven to uncover 91% of the useful art in your project in one simple query, and in under 5 minutes. Request our Limestone White Paper to learn more.

Trend Watching in 2019

We like to keep pace with the rapidly evolving topics in the IP industry. Here are a few we are paying attention to:

The 101 Issue
No, not Hwy 101 in California - the abstract one. We are watching and listening to Director Iancu, reading the new USPTO guidelines and most recently we saw a couple folks from Congress have picked up the mantle in effort to settle some of the dust. As recently as this writing, we are hearing that U.S. legislators are laying out 101 reform plans with a bill expected this summer. Further, we are seeing quite an uptick in the PTAB overruling Examiners' initial 101 rejections. 

Investment Capital and Litigation Financing 
Beyond a litigation financing tidal wave of capital entering the patent space, we continue to see net new private equity interest peaking to enter the market on the patent asset purchase side. Don't forget to look at the LF DealMakers Forum event in NYC in September; it's special invitation only; so, now is the time to get on Wendy's list - the good one.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Blockchain in the patent world 
Earnest efforts for sure so far, but too soon - maybe more next quarter; we're watching. Quote of the quarter from a widely respected Chief IP Officer at a F500 firm after sitting in the IPO Spring Summit Software Tools to Assist IP Lawyers session: "I don't get it? I simply don't get it. Someone please explain the value proposition for AI that's available today - in my patent business." A very credible and common reaction.

April Austin IP Happy Hour - 04/25/2019

April Austin IP Happy Hour is on - Thursday, April 25th from 4:00 - 6:30 pm at Techson headquarters. No agenda, just come by for a distilled spirit or a craft beer; meet a new IP face, talk a little shop. Just for fun, that's all.  Contact for an invite/reminder.

If you would like to collaborate with Techson to bring an IP Happy Hour to your city in 2019, please let us know. We'd love to make it happen.

Happy Q2-Q4 2019

We are always looking for creative opportunities to apply our research know-how, our team, and Limestone.  If you have some ideas or needs, please reach out.


Luke Barbin
Co-Founder and CEO
Techson IP