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CBD Burgers and Munchies for More, Limestone Gobbles Them Up

by: David Nickelson, Director of Research

Carl’s Corners CBD Burger

With alternative food products and cannabis being two of the hottest fields in the last year it should come as no surprise to see the two combined. Carl’s Jr. joined the two when they recently announced they will begin selling a CBD infused burger.

Carls CBD Burger.jpg

The event, scheduled for 4/20 appropriately enough, will be a one day promotion at a single location, however it is sure to garner national attention.

It also offers us another opportunity to test our Limestone research platform in a unique way. Limestone functions by taking information, either in the form of patents or text, and generating a collection of similar references. The tool is designed to aid patent researchers in quickly identifying art highly relevant to their search. We’ve previously written on Limestone’s remarkable success in identifying invalidating art here.

Limestone Search and CBD

In this instance I used the text of the entire CNBC press release above as our input and in less than a minute generated a list of 57 references deemed relevant by Limestone. A quick perusal of their subject matter shows numerous food products infused with CBD oil.

This new use of Limestone has several potential benefits that we feel can be of immense use to clients. When looking to enter a field or looking to keep tabs on competitors, we can simply take a relevant press release from that competitor and instantly provide the client with intellectual property information related to that press release. After that, our highly skilled research team can go to work, identifying potential landmines and avenues for safe harbor.

If this taste of what Limestone can do has given you the munchies for more, shoot us an email or give us a call. We’re excited to show you how Techson and Limestone can be put to work for you and your clients!