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"Green Light" For University of California and Litigation Financing

by: David Nickelson, Director of Research

In a patent assertion case that’s drawn considerable attention here and here over the past week, the University of California has sued a number of retailers over their sale of popular vintage style LED light bulbs.

The case presents a number of interesting angles, including the use of litigation financing that our own President Tom Hochstatter predicted would be a big story in the IP world earlier this year and our CEO Luke Barbin mentioned as a common topic among attendees at the IPBC Global Event in June.

 Given the stakes and players involved, the patents will no doubt be the subject of an intense challenge, likely in both district court and PTAB IPR proceedings. It’s complex and challenging cases such as this where Techson has made its mark, often locating killer prior art where other search firms have failed.

When the news of the case hit the wires we ran the subject patents through our Limestone platform and generated instant Limestone Prior Art Reports (LPARs) for each, giving us a quick overview of the complexity of each patent and the relative difficulty that we would expect to encounter in invalidating them.

You can find free PDF downloads of those reports here and if you’d like more info on our Limestone tool or simply have questions about how Techson can help your client facing complex IP challenges we’d love to have the opportunity to work with you!