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Techson IP Launches its Intellectual Property Advisory Practice

Techson names industry veteran Dan Spaeth as Senior Managing Partner to lead its worldwide practice group and service its clients’ growing requirements for strategic legal & business information

AUSTIN, TEXAS August 8, 2019

The business of intellectual property has finally transcended general counsel’s office to the F500 corporate strategy table after living inauspiciously on the periphery. IP is the new global economy’s currency. C-suites recognize this reality and are beginning to demand that their intellectual property assets and teams directly support their company’s long-term strategy needs. What’s been lacking are the tools and service providers to help internal IP teams to translate esoteric IP knowledge into senior management actionability – until now.

I’ve worked with the Techson team before with great success, and I look forward to succeeding across their vast client base...
— Dan Spaeth

“Since founding Techson in 2015 as an elite technical research firm, we’ve been developing our service offerings to plug into the entire innovation supply chain – from initial ideation to final disposition of patents,” says Luke Barbin, Co-Founder & CEO of Techson. “Corporations have been hampered by extreme fragmentation of the expertise, services, and tools required to plan and implement a salient and holistic IP strategy.   Our IP advisory practice is tailored to meet the emerging strategy needs of our clients by consolidating this disparity.”

Techson’s IP advisory practice is architected on three pillars: deep, practical IP expertise, Techson’s proprietary Limestone research technology, and partnerships with outside counsel. Traditional management consulting firms lack the depth of expertise required to evaluate, advise and then act on patent advisory and consulting. Today’s patent analysis tools do a great job of accounting for the content of a client’s portfolio, but do little else to advise on what benefit that content is to the company. Worse yet, once reported and analyzed, traditional firms cannot execute on the advice they have rendered.

“I have spent a career building high-performance teams and transforming companies by aligning business and technology strategy and successfully integrating emerging new technologies. The digital revolution presents all of us with incredible opportunities to grow our businesses, and IP, more than ever, is a key ingredient to success.  The bigger the challenge, the better, whether it was as CIO of a Fortune 500 leader, strategist for various start-ups and turn-arounds or growing a multi-million dollar IP consulting practice”, comments Dan Spaeth, Senior Managing Partner. “I’ve worked with the Techson team before with great success, and I look forward to succeeding across their vast client base with a competitively differentiated solution that I’m really proud to represent.”

About Techson IP

Techson was founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas by attorneys, research experts, and technologists with a vision to better serve the innovation supply chain with elite IP consulting services and technology.

Techson’s founders and executives have worked with and for the world’s largest patent owners and law firms. Techson’s researchers have conducted more than 15,000 research projects, and its 150+ clients include Fortune 500/Global 2000 corporations and Am Law 100 law firms.  Its principals have also supported over $100 million in patent transactions and helped companies secure tens of millions in private equity and venture capital investments.

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